Codeception Testing with Yii Framework 2.0 [Day 1]


I’ve been moving into developing Web applications/sites from scratch over using WordPress, and the framework that I’ve committed a good portion of time to learning has been the Yii Framework. Which has proved to be completely worth it, but this post is not about how awesome Yii Framework is… I’m creating this post because there’s one area I’ve found to be lacking in my education and that is using Codeception for testing my projects. There are a lot of articles out there of how to install/use codeception, but these all seem to leave me more confused than anything.

And so I’ve decided to publish my stumbling around the topic in a daily blog so I can better understand it and hopefully help somebody else better understand it too.


How it’s going to work

I’ve found that aimless stumbling has rather poor results, so I’m putting myself on a more focused approach using this blog. I’ll be updating daily on what I’ve done during that day to progress my understanding of the subject at hand (Namely Codeception testing for Yii Framework 2.0, but I might do this with a few other topics as well). Once updated for the day a goal for the next day will be made and the cycle repeats until the job is done. A sort of agile/scrum approach to learning.

Tomorrow’s Stumble

As a user I would like to run tests on the basic template for Yii Framework.

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