This site was created as a reference of all of the things I’ve done with regards to web development, and as a blog for anything that I find particularly interesting.

Started in April 2014.

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  1. Hi Peter – need to make a change to the font style and size in the plugin within the TAB feature. I’m not a programmer, but if directed accurately, I can learn. Can you help me? Thanks a million! ;-)

    1. Hi Athena,
      Thank you for your comment :) I’ve created version 1.0.6 of the plugin to allow for you to insert your own font size using the same attributes as specified in the Accordion (section_font_size and title_font_size), if you would like to make more modifications I would suggest adding the following custom CSS to your theme:

      .ui-tabs-nav li {*CSS Code here*} – to update the styles of the titles of your tabs.

      .ui-tabs-panel {*CSS Code here*} – to update the styles of the content of your tabs.

      Hope that helps, drop me a line if you need any more help.

      1. Ohhh! Thanks for the update and the extra codes that I wouldn’t know yet now to use, but I will investigate. I’m just learning all this stuff for the first time when I attempted WordPress and a Custom Theme. My head is thumping from trying to learn so much. I did have some trouble with the Accordian text content not wanting to wrap around to the next line when text got too long. Is it possible to also change the Accordian width if need be? Hope your projects are going well. Thanks for the reply! ;-)

        1. Adjusting the Accordion width shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but I don’t fully understand how or why text in the content section of the Accordion wouldn’t wrap. Do you have an example that I can look at and then let you know?

          Welcome to the world of WordPress! I’ll hopefully make a new post on creating Themes in the coming weeks (Been doing a lot of them, and hopefully update this one in the process), maybe it will be of some use ;)

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